Wow I am so honored to receive the “Digital Trail Blazer Award” by Hollywood Weekly Magazine at their 4th annual film festival held at Raleigh Studios, Hollywood Weekly Magazine dubbed Eric “EZ” Zuley as the Digital trend setter, the leader in digital media, the name of this award “TRIAL BLAZER” says it all! The Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival has 1 prestige award like this per festival, last year the recipient was “Stevey Wonder”

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The Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival is an exciting, relatively new, international film festival in Hollywood that is unique in many ways. With visitors streaming in from all over the globe and tickets already sold for the gala evening, this young festival’s fourth year in town is proving to be a glamorous and star studded event. Established and new talent alike will be donning their red carpet best and rubbing elbows with industry heavy weights on September 23rd.

The festival being created was inevitable. Mr Prather Jackson’s more than 20 years in the business with Hollywood Weekly Magazine, connecting people from all over the world, led him to establish this annual event. It has quickly become one of the largest, most international, networking scenes around. During one intense gala evening in the fall films are selected from an enormous amount of submissions and presented at the festival. Winners will be picked and lauded.

The Hollywood Weekly Film Festival is constantly working on strengthening relationships with the industry in the US as well as in countries worldwide to make it even more of a natural international meeting place for them and the movie goers. By sponsoring this fresh, new and unique event, you will be supporting a rich cultural life, not just in Hollywood, but also from a national and international perspective. Your support not only strengthens cultural activities but also contributes to a competitive region to live and work in.


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