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AFS – works with an international, cross-sectoral shopping community that has a global network from which Members / Loyalty Merchants can benefit: Members receive Cash money back, while Loyalty Merchants gain loyal customers and provide them with special benefits. Participants receive discounts while shopping at companies affiliated to the Shop n Save.
Merchants Mobile Cashback, smartphone application software.

The Shopping Community Members receive direct discounts in the form of cash back on every purchase made at partners, & the sum of the obtained discounts needs transferred to the bank account of the member.

Gift cards program builds your brand, increases revenue, reduces cash refunds, and welcomes new customers through your door. Gift cards are durable, reloadable advertisement for your business.The best customers are the ones you already have, and the best way to keep them is through a gift and loyalty program.

CO-BRANDED – Debit Card can help to elevate your brand in your customers’ minds and increase the frequency of their visits by offering attractive incentives. A DebitCard card even gives your customers the opportunity to participate in rewards programs inside or outside of your relationship-remember that DebitCard is accepted in over 30 million plus locations worldwide. Then you can strengthen retention and loyalty through promotions, cross-selling opportunities, frequent-buyer programs, rebates, and other kinds of incentives. Statements also let you understand all of your cardholders’ purchasing behaviors on their co-branded account, giving you key insights into attracting similar customer prospects.

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