For a long time guys I have watched on social media this kid end in the hospital over 40 times. I have watched his horrid parents kick him out of his home, because they couldn’t deal with his health. Very sad…. I decided enough is enough! I am going to get behind Brenton and get the message out to all that could have a heart to help him. I have friends that can help heal him but as you know… You need money. So please read his story, if you don’t have $ to donate then please share and help spread the word it is just as strong! Thank you for your time

Please Take the time to read all of this page

it will help you to understand what my intentions are-  but moreover who I am so you can get to know me and so we can build trust with eachother so you are more comfortable donating to my cause. I believe it’s importnat to get to know the person you are helping.
don’t you ? if so Keep reading!

Time is Money & more Money equals more time
don’t you agree ?

I know time is Money and Money is time so I will do my best to get right to the point and not take up to much of your time.  Please excuse me in advance for an grammatical errors or anything that may seem off in my story.  Please understand  I really do my best with what I know how to do. (It’s not easy living with Autism spectrum disorder and Late stage Neurological Lyme disease as it can affect writting.

It is not easy writing this out with the amount of brain fog I experience on a daily basis so please bare with me as I walk you through my story.  Now with that said let me tell you why I need your help.

(Why I created this page)

I have created this Go fund me page because in 2012
I got very sick and barely had any money so I reached out to my family, friends, and strangers for support unfortunately it didn’t turn out the way I had expected it. I am quite shocked by the little amount of support I have received in the last few years but I won’t give up and will continue to reach out for support until I get the help I need.

(The day my whole life changed!)

In the summer of 2013  I  was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease

My life Long Battle with horrific Health Complications!

I have been battling this disease my whole life. I have been too sick to hold down a job or career to make a living due to progression of this awful disease. It’s hard when you are living on social security disability and are unable to pay for expenssive medical treatments that I need to save my life.  (Just recently April 2016 I lost my medi cal so now what I was covered through medi medi is now medicare and now I have to pay for the remainder of the 20% that medicare won’t cover.

(Hardships after Hardships)

Need to know more about me?
want to hear more on what I have been through ?

Than Keep reading,………… because This is where I tell you my timeline from the very begining.

Who I am and Why I need your Help!

My Name is Brenton Tyler Hoffmann; I was born in Huntington Beach Ca in 1980. Born with Lyme disease and Autism Spectrum disorder. I have been suffering from neurological & physical health challenges most of my life. I had a blood infection at only three months old, was a delayed walker and talker with speech impairment, Diagnosed borderline mentally retarded due to an IQ measured at 70. I was told I had a major learning disability & put in special education my entire educational life!  I have had major disabilities, disorders and diseases such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD,Chronic Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia, Hypothyroidism, Hypokalemia, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD Chiari Malformation, Depression generalized Anxiety disorder and even PTSD.

Over the years, I have had Major Respiratory infections, ear infections, Bacterial infections, and countless cognitive and neurological challenges, severe Hot Flashes from hormonal imbalances. Light, sight, taste, sound & Chemical sensitivity, Fibromyalgia with chronic fatigue syndrome Gangrenous Appendicitis and peritonitis and almost died twice in the same week, degenerative joint disease with 4 vertebrates of mine protruding in the C5, C6 C7 T1  I have two tear’s one in the right shoulder and left ankle. I have Painful impingements, gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) Within the last three years and have been hospitalized 18 times due to Chronic Lyme disease complications causing Hypokalemia which gives you (Low level of potassium) almost losing my life twice. Again. Over the years I have experienced such horrific challenges that have left me with multiple medical leaves, lost relationships, and friendships and chronic excruciating pain and discomfort causing Major depression and anxiety.

December 2014 I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and just in Sept 2015
I was diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and suffered from a herniated disc (sciatica) in his back. On a daily basis I experience a tremendous amount of physical and emotional pain
With no family support system as I am forced to handle everything on my own.

OTHER SITES I HAVE. (Please Share)

If You will Like To Donate to my cause Helping Me overcome Lyme disease. if You would Like To Pay It Forward to help me Pay For My Treatments as well as Help me Pay For my next Home and get back on my feet after a long fight with horrific health complications than Please Donate at this page or you can Donate direct at my Paypal link @

If You Can not Afford to Donate or if you Just don’t want to Donate than I Understand all I am asking isYou  so Kindly Share my link with your network of friends, Family, and business colleagues. The more you share this link The more people will see it and the more people will be able to Help Me out.

Even if it’s a Dollar. I’m not Asking for One Hundred Dollars I believe anything helps. everything adds up, especially in large numbers.

Thank you so much.





will go towards

(HBOT) Hyperbaric oxygen treatments, Life skills Courses, Life coach, Hypnosis sessions, Piano lessons,  rehabilitation Services: such as physical therapy, and massage healing treatments.

$20,000 will pay for my living expenses during
a very long healing process.

which includes Rent, utilities, Cell phone bill, Car Insurance, paying for gas, and other living expenses while living on Social security disability.

thank you for taking the time to read Brenton’s story!

GoFundMe will deduct a 5% fee from each donation I receive. WePay deducts 2.9% + $0.30 per donation.
so if you can match that that is most appreciated.

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